Mitigating groundwater SALINity impacts for imPROVEd water security in coastal areas under socio-economic and climate change

Project partners

Academic/research partners will play a front role in research dedicated to the topics in the proposal, linking academy to practice, through the indicated staff members, who will be working in three main areas, namely: i) groundwater monitoring and modelling, ii) mitigation and adaptation measures; iii) socio-economic assessment of measures and implementation strategy.

Research partners

Maputo, Mozambique

  • Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) (ARP): Mr. Dinis Juízo, Mrs. Fátima Mousa

Tra Vinh (Mekong Delta), Vietnam

  • Division for Water Resources Planning and Investigation for the South of Vietnam (DWRPIS): Mr. Bui Tran Vuong (coordinator)
  • HoChiMinh City University of Technology in VietNam (HCMUT) (ARP): Mr. Nguyen Viet Ky, Mr. Dao Hong Hai, Mrs. Dong Uyen Thanh

Laizhou Bay, China

  • Tianjin Center of China Geological Survey (ARP): Mr. Ma Zhen, Mr. Liu Hongwei, Mr. Guo Xu

Associated partners

Maputo, Mozambique

  • ARA-Sul: Mrs. Lizete Dias, Mr. Senisse Luís
  • AFORAMO, Association of private water providers: Mr. Adriano Chirute
  • FIPAG, drinking water infrastructures: Mr. Pedro Paulino, Mr. Carlos Cossa
  • INAM, Institute for Meteorology: Mrs. Esmeralda Arone
  • IIA, Water Research Institute: Mr. Sergio Machava
  • CRA, Water and Sanitation Regulatory Council: Mr. Manuel Alvarinho
  • Vitens Evides International: Mr. Toine Ramaker
  • ODI, Overseas Development Institute: Mrs. Mariana Matoso

Tra Vinh (Mekong Delta), Vietnam

  • DONRE, Tra Vinh Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment
  • DARD, Tra Vinh Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Centre for Water supply and rural sanitation (CWSRS)
  • TVU, Tra Vinh Unversity, Research Center for Climate Change Adaption and Community Development Learning: Huynh Van Hiep
  • Department of Irrigation and Flood and Storm Prevention (DIFSP), Tra Vinh Province
  • Huyen Hoi commune - Can Long district (HHCCLD) - Tra Vinh Province
  • Vitens Evides International: Adriaan Mels, Folkert de Jager

Laizhou Bay, China

  • Water Resources Department of Weifang Municipal Government: Mr. Meng Xiangming

IHE Delft



Tibor Stigter                                           Yangxiao Zhou
Groundwater monitoring, modelling, climate scenarios, mitigation/adaptation measures

Paolo Paron
Remote sensing and geophysics

Laszlo Hayde
Assessment of crop damages caused by salinity and evaluation of related mitigation/adaptation measures

Yong Jiang                                              Ilyas Masih
Assessment of socio-economic impacts and cost-effectiveness of proposed mitigation/adaptation measures

Mireia Tutusaus
Water supply safety policy and governance, social acceptance of mitigation measures